Home / Why do you need a fan when you could afford AC?

When you rent a house it is too tough to install an AC as it needs separate set up and in your one single bedroom house it may not be possible to install the AC because the rooms may be small. When the rooms are small it does not take much time to cool the room and hence you have wake up immediately after you go to bed just to switch off the AC. After a while you may again feel suffocated and again you should switch on the AC. This would repeat quite a number of times thus causing lot of disturbance in your sleep. The main purpose of buying the air conditioner is to give enough rest to the body. But, when you do not sleep well, all that you would encounter is the problems that are caused by the sleepless nights.

Don’t you think the cheap ceiling fans would be an ideal choice for you. One other advantage you would get with the ceiling fan is, the installation and uninstallation is quite easy and would not take much time. This would not let you put in a situation where you have negotiate the service charge to be paid for an electrician who has come home to fit the fan or disassemble it for you to carry it easily. So, don’t you think buying a ceiling fan would be quite comfortable for your stay and also when you shift your house from one location to the other?
Just to make it clear when we say cheap it does not mean that the quality of the fan is of second grade or whatever terms would best fit to talk about the products that are of low quality. These fans do serve you for years that you may not need a second one as long as you stay in the same rental house.